Police Warn of Attempted Rapes in Downtown LA Restrooms

Three men have been arrested in connection with attempted sexual assaults in restrooms recently, police said

Police on Tuesday were alerting the public to be aware of their surroundings after three men were arrested in connection with a series of attempted rapes in women's restrooms in downtown Los Angeles.

There have been three attempted sexual assaults in the past two months in downtown LA restrooms. Police believe the men have either hidden inside restrooms or forced their way in, police said.

One occurred in a restaurant restroom in the area of Washington Boulevard and South Hill Street.

The other two were inside office building restrooms, officials said.

"It does surprise me," said one woman, who declined to be identified.

Another woman said she tries to avoid them.

"I try to use the one at work because it is a bit sketchy downtown," she said.

In the office buildings where the incidents took place, changes were made to make the restrooms more secure and inaccessible to outsiders.

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