Cracker Barrel Victorville Breaks Ground

California's first Cracker Barrel is expected to open in February 2018.

IF YOU HAVE DESIGNS... on visiting every Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the nation before the much-touted, much-talked-about, it's-coming-soon Cracker Barrel opens in Victorville — the first location of the highway-iconic chain to debut in the Golden State — we can only recommend you get started faster than a cracked egg hits a hot pan. True, the Victorville-based Cracker Barrel was announced in February 2017, giving record-seekers some time to plan their trip to all of the many Cracker Barrels found in other states beyond California (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and 41 other states have a Cracker Barrel, or, rather many, many Cracker Barrels). Are you someone who likes to visit every restaurant in a chain over a single summer? If so, you might have spent all spring mapping out your road trip, and maybe you've now completed 20 or 30 Cracker Barrel visits. Congratulations, but best step it up, for ground was broken on the Victorville Cracker Barrel at the beginning of August, with an expected opening in February 2018. It will be the chain's...

649TH LOCATION, so, yep: There's some ground to cover if you want to see them all before the Victorville venue debuts early next year. The location? Travelers and locals'll find the rocking chair-rockin' restaurant at 11612 Amargosa Road. Some 250 employees, both full-time and part-time, will be hired, says the company. And as for how many guests can take a seat simultaneously? Count 'em up: 180 diners, including those seated on the restaurant's porch. The company reveals that it is currently researching what sort of antique decorations will be displayed, and how the look of the restaurant will best pay homage to Victorville. So, record-seekers, are you currently on Cracker Barrel #91? Or Cracker Barrel #439? There's still a ways to go, and February 2018 is only a half year away, as of the early-August ground-breaking.

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