OC Fairgrounds Seek Pardon From Governor

The fight is on to keep the fairgrounds off the auction block.

Assemblyman Jose Solorio has a message for the governor: Don't sell the Orange County Fairgrounds.

And just in case Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't take Solorio's message to heart, the Assemblyman is sponsoring a bill to block the sale.

The 150-acre fairgrounds, located in Costa Mesa, are up for sale to help close a massive state deficit.

Solorio, D-Santa Ana, supported the sale back in July, but after a recent public hearing in Costa Mesa, he now has concerns.

"The process for carrying out this sale has been tainted by misinformation, misrepresentations, conflicts of interests, questionable legal and ethical activities and a potential constitutional barrier regarding the sale of the property," Solorio wrote in a letter to Schwarzenegger.

Van Tran, R-Garden Grove, was also involved with the hearing and is supporting Solorio.

"Whatever Assemblyman Solorio is doing we're going to join forces with them," Tran said.

The governor's office has yet to make a final decision on the fate of the fairgrounds.

"The administration is moving forward with the process to determine if such a sale is beneficial to California. It's the administration's prerogative to halt the process if the terms and conditions of a potential sale are not in the best interest of the state," said the governor's deputy press secretary, Mike Naple.

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