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Prosecutors Consider Shooting at Hollywood Walgreens

Prosecutors in Los Angeles were considering evidence Wednesday in the killing of an alleged shoplifter by a security guard at a Walgreens store in Hollywood.

"A case on this has been presented to our office and is under review," an LA County District Attorney's Office spokesperson said.

Jonathan Hart, 21, was shot Dec. 2 after a confrontation inside the store on Vine Street during which Hart was accused of stealing.

Video recorded by a man who accompanied Hart to the store showed the guard making a telephone call while standing over Hart's motionless body. Pools of wine and smashed bottles could be seen near Hart's body.

Hart's friend did not want to be publicly identified but said he had been interviewed by police.

The guard, whose name has not been released by authorities, appears calm in the video, which Hart's acquaintance said was recorded in the seconds after the gunfire.

On Tuesday, attorney Carl Douglas announced he planned to file a lawsuit on behalf of Hart's family and accused Walgreens of racial profiling.

"The blood of Jonathan Hart is on your hands," Douglas said, and denied Hart was shoplifting.

Hart, who was also known as "Sky Young," was homeless and, according to Douglas, argued with the security guard about an item worth $2.99.

"The guard feels the man push him one time," Douglas said. "The guard pushes the man back one time. The guard watches as the man turns to run toward the back door. The guard raises his gun and points at the man. The guard says, 'Freeze,' as the man travels toward the door. The guard fires one shot, striking the man in the back of the neck."

Walgreens issued a statement saying the company has "extended our deepest and most sincere condolences" to Hart's family, and noting that as a result of the shooting, "immediately terminated the security company."

The company stated, "We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, patients and customers in the communities we serve."

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