Pups Celebrate National Ice Cream Day for a Good Cause

The playful pups snacked on some ice cream cones as part of a fundraiser.

Not only do we have a National Ice Cream Month, but Sunday July 21 is National Ice Cream Day.

It is the perfect time to celebrate with a scoop of your favorite flavor. 

Humans aren’t the only ones that love a sweet ice cream cone on a hot summer day, but our four-legged furry friends do as well.

If you’ve ever fed shared some of your ice cream with your dog, you know just how cute and silly they look as you try to snap a picture of them.

Los Angeles pet photographer, Diana Lundin, has captured moments like those in her new book Dogs vs. Ice Cream.

And on National Ice Cream Day, 20 dogs posed for the photographer as they licked and chomped down on ice cream cones.

Clearly these dogs were having a great time, but so were the pet owners and spectators who watched the happy pups snack on some sweet treats.

The event was created by Lundin and serves as a fundraiser for Valley Village-based Big Love Animal Rescue.

Lundin's book, Dogs vs. Ice Cream includes more than 100 photos of dogs eating ice cream cones, photographed during a series of ice cream social events held for dogs the Los Angeles area last summer.

National Ice Cream Day is definitely a day to celebrate with friends, family and your dog.

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