Real-Time Map Shows Decibel Readings Near LA Airports

A map introduced by City Controller Ron Galperin shows decibel readings of airplanes flying near LAX, Torrance Airport, Long Beach International Airport, Van Nuys Airport and Bob Hope Airport.

A real-time noise map released Tuesday allows LA residents to track airplanes' noise levels during takeoffs and landings at LAX.

The map, which shows the decibel levels of airplanes recorded across Southwest Los Angeles, is part of a dashboard by City Controller Ron Galperin, found here, that also includes data about LAX traffic, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, flight delays and airport spending.

"For the first time, we've brought key LAX metrics together in one place,'' Galperin said. "The dashboard is easily accessible and is intended to inform residents, businesses, travelers and city decision-makers about the operations and impacts of our nation's third-busiest airport."

Residents can also use the map to investigate noises near them and issue noise complaints.

The map states, "You can choose to identify a flight that will be reported with your complaint, or you may make a nonspecific complaint."

Hovering over a plane icon or colored bubble shows flight information and a decibel reading, respectfully.

The map is designed to also track noise levels at Van Nuys Airport, Bob Hope Airport, Torrance Airport and Long Beach International Airport, as well as other airports across the country and world.

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