Dispute Over “Flesh & Fantasy” Halloween Party Goes to Court

An Orange County judge approved a temporary injunction Friday to stop a Halloween party planned at a mansion in the hills above Orange.

The party, scheduled for Saturday at a 20,000 square foot home, promises attendees a full casino, lounge, theatre, and 22 beds that can be used by anyone willing to foot the $100 entry fee.

Those opposed to the party said it violates a number of local ordinances, and went to court to seek an injunction against Vini "Big Daddy" Bergeman to keep the party from getting off the ground. Bergeman said authorities are targeting the wrong house, according to the Orange County Register.

He said he is the target of a sheriff's vendetta.

"This is for a party we're not even having," the limosuine customizer told the newspaper. "They want to cause problems for no reason at all."

Bergeman told the newspaper that event organizers used photos of his house in promotional materials for this year's event, but that it will be at another location.

Bergeman said the vendetta started when he refused to pay a bribe to former Sheriff Mike Carona and Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo in 2001. Carona, 53, is standing trial along with his longtime mistress, attorney Debra Hoffman, 42, on federal public corruption charges.

Bergeman said Carona and Jaramillo wanted private cars from him in exchange for weapons permits and other items.

Bergeman's home was raided last year during a Halloween event. Authorities said last year's party "entailed a host of illegal activities," according to court documents cited by the OC Register.

He said there were about 400 people at last year's party, including models covered in airbrushed paint. Neighbors complained that the crowd parked illegally and climbed over fences.

Bergeman filed a lawsuit in response to the raid. County officials said they cannot comment because the lawsuit has not been served.

The event's Web site states that a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation.

Early Friday afternoon, a flier was distributed that indicated the party was moved to a Mission Viejo address. 

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