Human Hair Robbers Tie Up Shop Clerk

As demand grows for imported human hair for extensions and wigs, it has also attracted the attention of thieves, who got away with some $8,000 worth of hair bundles from a Montclair shop, according to its manager.

Montclair police are investigating the Oct. 25 invasion robbery of Baby Doll Luxury Hair on Monte Vista Avenue, but have yet to make arrests.

The shop's security video shows two men enter quickly, the second immediately going behind the counter, pushing down the saleswoman, and tying her up. The men took cash and 80 individual hair bundles, worth up to $200 apiece, before leaving.

The woman managed to free her hands to reach her cellphone and call for help.

Like many jewelry shops, Baby Doll Luxury Hair keeps the front door locked, and patrons cannot enter until a staffer buzzes them in by pressing a remote switch to release the lock.

One of the robbers hid to the side as the other rang the door bell, said the manager, who asked not to be identified.

She said the employee was shaken but not hurt.

"That was devastating for her and us," the manager said. "Just a very scary situation."

The employee no longer works at the shop.

Three years ago, a sister shop in Hawthorne was also hit by robbers who tied up a clerk. In that case, there were three intruders, one with a gun. The manager said at least one of those robbers was convicted and is now in prison.

At the Montclair shop, a week after the robbery, burglars broke in after hours, but were scared off by the sounding alarm, the manager said.

She does not know if the recent two events are connected.

"It looks like we're being targeted for these valuable products," the manager said.

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