Don't Fall for It! Police Warn of Apple ‘Virus Protection' Scam

Authorities are warning users not to fall for a legitimate-sounding scam that starts out with a "virus" on your computer, instructing you to call Apple Support, and ends with you losing out on cash.

The Burbank Police Department sent out a warning about the scam Friday.

First, a "virus" on your Apple computer or iPad will appear instructing you to call Apple Support. The number appears authentic, and the technician may sound legitimate.

In almost every case Burbank police have seen, the technician will instruct you to purchase a large amount of iTunes gift cards, ranging from $100-$250. The "technician" will then instruct you to provide the codes on the cards, or to send them via email.

It's all a scam.

Burbank police says if the person on the phone ever says you need to pay for "virus protection software" or "firewall protection" that it is a scam.

"Don't ever open an e-mail from anyone you don't know or trust, and certainly do not click any links you don't recognize or trust," Burbank police said.

NBC4 talked to a 65-year-old Burbank man who says that he got a voicemail on his phone from somebody he believed to be a from a computer company.

He called the number back and it was a scam to buy a $100 Apple iTunes gift card. He thought that by buying the card the company could remotely fix a broken computer at his house. He later learned that it was a scam.

Burbank police say other people have also been scammed in the same way.

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