Seal Beach

Victims Bound by Duct Tape During Home Invasion Robbery in Seal Beach

The two robbers took off with a safe worth an undisclosed amount and the ID cards of the victims. The thieves threatened they will harm the loved ones of the victims if they go to the police.

Three Seal Beach residents were subject to a home invasion after two robbers broke into their home Monday, according to the City of Seal Beach Police Department.

The occupants were tied up as the thieves ransacked the residence around 4 p.m., threatening them by claiming to have a firearm. They took off with a safe worth an unknown amount and fled the scene in an unknown direction, according to officials.

Authorities said the robbery happened on the 1100 block of Seal Way.

"That was the scariest thing I ever experienced," victim Eli Purten said. "I just ran down the boardwalk as fast as I could with duct tape on my arms and head."

The victims were bound by duct tape before the robbers began to rummage through their home.

"He started around my eyes so I couldn't see anything and then went around my arms," Purten said.

As one of the robbers made their way inside, Purten began to scream for help.

"He's like, 'If you ever scream like that again, I'll put a bullet through your head,'" Purten said.

Aside from taking the safe, the thieves also took the victims' IDs. They threatened to attack the victims' loved ones if they called the police.

Officals said one of the robbers is estimated to be 5-foot-11-inches tall and was wearing a white shirt with a backwards hat.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Detective Jeff Gibson at 562-799-4100 extension 1109.

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