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Big Rig Driver Ditches Wrecked Trailer at the Scene of a Jaw-Dropping Crash

There were not injuries reported in the early morning crash northeast of Los Angeles

A big rig driver left behind a trail of damage that included a sideswiped car and the truck's wrecked trailer outside an apartment building Thursday night in Duarte.

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There were no injuries reported in the crash in the 2500 block of Huntington Drive in the community northeast of Los Angeles. The semitrailer truck driver apparently left the scene, leaving the trailer, which was torn to pieces, at the property, according to the sheriff's department.

Part of the trailer was resting, crumpled like an oversized accordion, against a tree.

Walleed Karim was in his room when he heard the sound of banging metal coming from outside. 

"He smashed into this area, then he just sped off," said Karim. "His trailer fell off, and then he just drove off as fast as he could."

The driver appeared to have lost control before striking a tree, the sheriff's department said. The truck then sheared off the driver's side of a parked car before knocking down the apartment complex's mail box and slamming into its garage.

Resident Jonathan Price was asleep at the time.

"It hit our mail box. It knocked off a chunk of the wall. It left a good chunk of the truck," Price said. "He just drove off, obviously in a hurry."

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