Shots Fired Outside Hollywood Nightclub Following BET Awards

Shots were fired Monday morning outside a Hollywood nightclub hosting what appeared to be an official post-BET Awards party after a weekend filled with violence leading up to the event.

Police were on high alert as they responded around 2:15 a.m. to a parking lot behind the Supper Club LA. While authorities investigated shell casings and broken glass found in the lot, more shots were fired in an underground parking garage in a mixed-use apartment complex across the street, according to LAPD Sgt. Ben Fernandes.

At the second scene located at 1714 Las Palmas Avenue, officers found more shell casings and what appeared to be blood, police said. The parking lot at the apartment complex is sometimes rented out for event parking, officials said.

Investigators could not find any victims or suspects in the shootings.

The investigation comes after a spate of violence in Hollywood leading up to the BET Awards on Sunday.

One person was killed and at least four people were injured in a shooting Saturday during a party that was related to the awards. LAPD said the event was not part of the official BET events.

On Friday night, a man in his 30s was stabbed at Lure nightclub in Hollywood during a similar pre-party, police said. He was expected to survive.

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