Sinkhole Growing Near LAX

It began during the rains of December

The Los Angeles City Bureau of Street Services is looking into a report of a sinkhole that's been left unattended since the rains of last December.

The hole is west of the airport on Vista del Mar, about a half-mile north of Imperial Highway. The sinkhole extends into the southbound lane on Vista del Mar.

Some people are concerned that pedestrians may not see the sinkhole in the dark and they could be injured here or further along the eroded hillside.

The damage has been reported to the Department of Public Works, and a street repair project is currently in the works, said Richard E. Lee of DPW. Construction is expected to start in the next few months, said Lee.

The repair includes constructing a steel and concrete bulkhead retaining wall, according to Lee who said in the meantime, city staff is monitoring the damage --not just spending the day at the beach.

If it rains, workers will put out plastic sheets and sandbags to prevent further  erosion.

Lee pointed out that the city of Los Angeles maintains 7,600 miles of roadway in a 450 square mile area.

"We appreciate your viewer pointing out this concern. We encourage the citizens of Los Angeles to partner with us in reporting street and roadway concerns such as this," he said.

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