When We Typically See Our Warmest Days in Southern California

Different parts of Southern California reach peak heat at different times during summer. Here's what we can expect

It was 106 years ago this week that the temperature hit 134 degrees in Death Valley -- the warmest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

With that scorching July 10, 1913 record in mind, we're taking a look at when different regions in Southern California typically see the warmest days of the year.

  • Inland Empire: The end of July and into the first two weeks of August. In Riverside, that's historically July 28 - Aug. 10.
  • San Fernando Valley: The third week of August. In Van Nuys, the warmest days are typically Aug. 18 - Aug. 25.
  • Downtown LA: The last week of August, Aug. 26 - 30.
  • Beaches: Late August, typically Aug. 29 - Sept. 1 due to developing Santa Ana winds.

As for this week, temperatures are climbing into the 90s and triple-digits. The summer sizzle is expected to continue through the weekdn.

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