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Kobe Bryant: "Are You Doubting the Zen Master?"

Chants of "We want Phil" echoed in the Staples Center Friday night



    Kobe Bryant: "Are You Doubting the Zen Master?"
    Kobe Bryant and then-coach Phil Jackson

    Following the decisive Lakers win Friday night over Golden State, Kobe Bryant's post-game questions were dominated by talk of former Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

    When one reporter asked if the triangle would be possible to implement -- considering the season has already started and there have been significant personnel changes since Jackson last coached -- Bryant replied, "Are you doubting the Zen Master?"

    Then, he proceeded to laugh off and dismiss the slightest suggestion that implementing the offense should be viewed as a deterrent to hiring Jackson.

    Kobe wants Phil. Dwight Howard wants Phil.

    To be fair to Kobe, he also said he would support Mike D'Antoni as a great hire, but about 75 percent of Kobe's questions, responses, and general discussion in the post-game presser lobbied to bring Jackson back to the Lakers.

    At one point, Bryant even confessed to asking Phil to recommend some books after he galloped off into the Montana sunset. This time, Bryant read the books, something he admittedly never did when Phil was coach.

    Bryant showed some emotion and regret when discussing the way Phil Jackson was sent packing: four-game sweep at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs. Bryant revealed his biggest regret in that matter was playing on one leg and not being physically able to give his coach all of which he was capable.

    If the door wasn't already open for Phil Jackson to come back, Bryant just picked the lock and permanently broke off the handle.

    He ís not the only one who wants Jackson back.

    With 4:56 remaining in the third quarter, Bryant went to the free throw line on a possible three-point play. The Lakers were up by 10, and the crowd decided to send a message: "We want Phil! We Want Phil! We Want Phil!"

    This team has enough superstars on the court. Now, it just needs a superstar on the sidelines.