Derek Lowe Leaving Dodgers?

With some movement on the free agent and trade markets beginning to finally pick up -- instead of just the circulation of rumors -- the Hot Stove season finally feels like it's underway. Now up, Derek Lowe, who has been offered a contract from two different teams.

(O)ne baseball source confirmed that free agent Derek Lowe received offers from at least two teams, including the world champion Phillies. The identity of Lowe's second pursuer was unclear, though the same source indicated that the team was neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox, both of whom are expected to speak with Lowe's representative, Scott Boras, later this week.

Well, I'm relieved. I'd hate for the poor Yankees or Red Sox to be left out of any bidding.

Seriously, though, with a Boras client, you know both of those teams will be mentioned -- if for no other reason than to drive up the price. I can't see the Red Sox offering near the value that Lowe is going to command, but the Yankees will likely be prominently involved.

I have to say, I love the fit of Lowe on the Phillies. He's a sinkerballer, so the homer-friendly Citizen's Bank Park likely wouldn't bother him much. He would be a perfect number two to slide in behind left-handed ace Cole Hamels in the rotation, and moving back Brett Myers to the third spot would do worlds of benefit to the inconsistent righty. There aren't many needs the World Champs have, but a number two starter like Lowe would make them a nice bet to repeat -- assuming the Chase Utley injury doesn't linger into the summer months.

As far as the other team who offered Lowe a contract, I bet it was the Mets. The Braves are said to be interested, but they aren't going to offer a contract with their significant A.J. Burnett offer on the table.

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