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Dodgers' Outfielder Yasiel Puig Serves up Big Macs at Glendale McDonald's

The baseball player served up Big Macs and Happy Meals at McDonald's for day two of the Dodger's annual Love LA Community Tour

Los Angeles Dodgers fans know Yasiel Puig can handle the heat on the field, but can he handle the heat in the kitchen?

Much to customers’ surprise, Puig was behind the counter at a Glendale McDonald’s Tuesday, flipping burgers and hungry Dodger fans were “lovin’ it.”

Dedicated Dodgers fans came out in droves for the "one-time in a life" opportunity to see their favorite right-fielder's culinary skills. One of Puig's co-workers for the day praised the baseball star for his grand slam performance: “How’d he do? He did great. Did he get all of the orders right? Yes, and the Big Mac."

Apart from serving up Happy Meals to very happy customers, Puig signed autographs and posed for photos with several lucky customers. One dedicated fan, Angel Gonzalez made the trip in the hopes of getting an autograph on a massive Poster of Puig's face and other memorabilia.

"I was on Twitter last minute...Last year, Yasiel Puig was at a Coffee Bean in Studio City, so I wanted to give it a try this year."

Other fans just enjoyed seeing LA’s beloved players giving back to the community.

"He went to the World Series, and now he's here for us fans. I love that they're giving back to the community by doing this for us, it's nice," said Amalia Tober, one of many fans who made the trip after hearing about the event on social media.


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Puig surprised McDonald's customers for day two of the Dodger's 15th Love LA Community Tour, an annual community service week presented by Bank of America. He and the rest of the team kicked off the event on Monday at the Dodger Stadium honoring over 350 firefighters and first responders. More events are scheduled to take place all over the LA area through January 26.

While some of you die-hard Dodger fans may have missed the opportunity to see Puig munching on McNuggets behind the counter, he pledged to do his best to make an appearance at the next World Series Championships.

"All of my team is at the stadium right now... Practice and be ready for spring training and make a good year and try to win the championship."

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