Just How Good Is UCLA Hoops?

So far, UCLA’s basketball team has looked talented and young, a team that has a lot of growing up to do if it is going to reach the lofty goal of a fourth straight trip to the Final Four.

Tonight, the team and its key freshmen are going to see what a Final Four caliber team looks like, on the road -- eighth ranked Texas in Austin. Even Bruins Nation is urging caution.

One of the major adjustments our five freshmen will go through this season is learning to play in a hostile college road game. We can’t expect all freshmen to put on Kevin Love at Oregon performance in his first true collegiate road trip. For kids like Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee, tonight could be an eye opening experience.

This game is going to have the feel and pressure of the NCAA Tournament. UCLA may end up on the wrong-end of a Clippers-like score tonight, but if they want to be serious players in March they have lessons to learn. And the hard way is sometimes the best way.

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