Lakers Begin Round 2 of Playoffs Monday at Staples

The NBA has often been criticized for needlessly dragging out the playoffs, and by looking at the most recent list of scenarios that was sent out for the games happening this weekend, it appears that they will stick to that familiar script.

The Lakers will open round two of the playoffs on Monday, May 4th, in Game 1 against either the Houston Rockets or the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center. This is regardless of whether the Rockets-Blazers series goes six or seven games, according to a release from the league that was widely distributed this afternoon.

If Monday seems like a long time from now (and an even longer time since the Lakers eliminated the Jazz two days ago), that's because in terms of the NBA playoffs, it kind of is. Teams usually play every other day in the post-season, with the possible exception of an additional day off to allow for traveling between cities. A week between games is an eternity, but one the Lakers will likely welcome with open arms.

The extra time will give Luke Walton's ankle a chance to repair itself, and Trevor Ariza's ankle to get back to 100 percent. It also may allow for some extra practice time for Andrew Bynum, who lost is starting job in the first round and was a complete non-factor against the Jazz, save for his awesome first quarter in Game 2.

It's a long time to wait, but the league really had no other choice. With the potential for multiple Game 7s to appear on Sunday -- including the possibility of one to determine the Lakers' next opponent -- Monday was the logical, albeit far away choice for L.A. to resume their quest for a title.

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