Lance Armstrong Returns To France But Not To Win?

It was the announcement everyone knew was coming:

AUSTIN (AP) _ Texan Lance Armstrong today confirmed he'll ride in the 2009 Tour de France.

It's the first time the cycling great from Austin will compete in that race -- which he's won seven times -- and the Giro d'Italia in the same year.

Of course he was going to piss off the French by showing up for their big party again. There was no way he was going to come back and not take a ride around France again. But, the money lines farther down in the AP story.

The 37-year-old acknowledged the taxing schedule could leave him riding in a supporting role in France. The Giro runs May 9-31, and the Tour begins July 4.

Armstrong, with such a quick turnaround, knows his body might not perform at the same level it did when he won his last Tour in 2005.

So let me get this right: Armstrong, he of the unbelievable self confidence and ego to match, has come back just to help his teammates out, to ride for everyone else but not himself? After he won seven yellow jerseys?

Anyone think this is going to end well? I mean, except for Stephon Marbury?

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