LeBron to the Lakers: What Are the Odds?

Forget another talking head debate about where LeBron James decides to play in a couple summers, it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

BetOnline.com has posted odds (and will gladly take your cash) on where LeBron lands in 2010. And while you can talk the bright lights of the Big Apple all you want, the guys looking to take your cash know where the smart money is:

Cavaliers 6/5
Knicks 5/2
Nets 5/1
Pistons 8/1
Lakers 15/1
Raptors 15/1
Suns 20/1

Looks like the wise guys think he never leaves Ohio. Which should be the conventional wisdom — he can get a larger contract there and the team as of this year is a serious contender — but that doesn’t make for good talk radio.

However, if you have money you really don’t need, go ahead and bet the Lakers at 15-1. Los Angeles is a contender now and for the next several years, but go ahead and assume they will blow the thing up to get LeBron. That has always been Jerry Buss’ MO, to mess with championship caliber teams.

Or look at it this way, it’s the same odds he comes to Los Angeles or Toronto. You really think he’s going to Toronto?

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