Lucky First Grader Gets Surprise Visit From Dodgers' Justin Turner

Most students are awarded a certificate of achievement for perfect attendance.

For one lucky first grader who hasn't missed a day of class at Solano Avenue Elementary School, his award came in the form of tickets to a Los Angeles Dodgers playoff game - hand delivered by infielder Justin Turner.

Video posted to the Major League Baseball website shows Turner, dressed in his Dodgers jersey and ball cap, surprising a group of students in the school auditorium last Friday.

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"You guys all Dodger fans? Well I've got a surprise for one of you guys. I got tickets right here for our first home game against the Mets in the playoffs. Where's Eddie?"

One little boy in the crowd enthusiastically raises his hand, then runs up to Turner to receive the tickets - the oversized cardboard kind.

"You gonna come? Can you make it? Can you clear your schedule?" Turner asks 7-year-old Eddie Mendez.

Eddie timidly nods yes and smiles.

They exchange a high-five and get a round of applause.

Eddie and his parents will be attending the Dodgers' opening game in the National League Division Series on Friday.

"Hopefully it's something that lasts with Eddie and his family for a lifetime," Turner said. "I hope they sincerely enjoy it and hopefully we can win a game for them."

Eddie's name was drawn from a raffle organized to reward students who improved academically and had perfect attendance since the beginning of the school year. The franchise has a longstanding community partnership with Solano Elementary, which neighbors Dodger Stadium.

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