Mark Madsen Dances Way Back To Los Angeles

He's a dancer and a blogger, but not much of an NBA player.

Clear the dance floor — Mark Madsen is back in Los Angeles.

But as a member of the Clippers, we don’t have to worry about watching him dance at in any championship parades. Actually, we may not have to worry about him actually making the Clippers roster.

Madsen was traded to the Clippers in a deal that sent the inflated contract of Quinton Richardson to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Madsen, Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith. The move means that Richardson is now with his fourth team — all with less than 40 wins — in a month.

The Clippers will have a use for Telfair and Smith. Telfair is a talented point guard with tremendous potential who has just one little problem holding him back  — he can’t shoot. Great passer, one of the best ball handlers in the league. Fun to watch on fast breaks. But he shot just 38% overall last year, and just 44% right at the basket (on things like lay-ups and dunks). Still, he makes a serviceable backup point guard.

Smith makes a good backup forward off the bench, somebody who will provide depth and can play along side rookie Blake Griffin. Smith is no All Star but he has a good jump shot, can score on the block and is just a professional. A guy in the NBA for a reason.

Madsen never found his place in the NBA. Well, he is probably the best blogger among the NBA players, although teams don’t pay you for that. And he does have a couple rings from his days with the Lakers during the Shaq/Kobe three-peat era. And he really does hustle.

But Madsen has been reduced to being filler in trades like this to move salaries around, and that’s about the best he will do. He may not play a minute for the Clippers this year — there is a good chance he gets bought out, if they do keep him it will mean very few minutes behind Griffin and Smith (and Camby).

Still, it would be fun to see him dance one more time in LA. We just may have to catch that at a club, not near a basketball court.

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