Pacquiao: “Liars Go to Hell”

Manny Pacquiao usually lets his boxing do the talking. On Tuesday, he used strong words to counter suggestions that he used performance-enchancing drugs.

"Liars go to hell. They should be man enough and own up to their words," Pacquiao said in a statement. "For including my country in the picture, claiming that we are the producers of the best performance-enhancing drugs, (Floyd) Mayweather Jr. and those who are guilty need to get punished, the sooner, the better, whether it be in the courts or the ring."

As if the March 13 fight needed more plotlines.

"Last week, I told Floyd Jr. to shut his big, pretty mouth and that we should fight so that the world will get to see who is the best fighter on the planet, " the statement continued.

Pacquiao, who trains at Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, was referring to comments made by Mayweather Jr. in an October radio interview. Pacquiao has threatened a lawsuit over the remarks.

The response came a day after the head of the Nevada boxing commission ordered the two boxers to submit to urine tests as a way of trying to break the impasse that has threatened to derail their megafight. Pacquiao and Mayweather must submit to the tests within 48 hours or face possible fines or suspension by the Nevada Athletic commission.

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