Puck Headlines: Jersey Fowl, get it? Because it's Mighty Ducks?

Here are your Evening Puck Headlines and Previews: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Why? Why, why, why dammit why? As Joe Sports Fan points out, this is "a custom-tailored St. Louisheim Mighty Blues jersey." The front has to look better than the back, because ... well, because it looks like the St. Louis Blues jersey constructed a new road on the Mighty Ducks jersey to get to "KA," that's why. [Joe Sports Fan]

• There are 11 games on the docket this evening, and we'll hit a few of the key ones here. Visit the Y! Sports scores and scheds page for previews of all the games.

Preview: Anaheim Ducks at Buffalo Sabres (7 p.m. EST; TV: VS., TSN2). From the great Earl Sleek: "Well, for the only time this season, a SoCal team has made its way onto Versus.  I hope some scheduling intern got fired for that oversight.  Still, any possibility of watching a Ducks game without Brian Hayward is promising -- perhaps I should bite my tongue."  

Preview: Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals (7 p.m. EST; TV: CSP, CSN). From the Caps: "The Washington Capitals have created Club Scarlet, a fan club for women designed to provide more information, events and networking opportunities for the team's growing population of female fans. At the heart of Club Scarlet is ScarletCaps.com, a microsite dedicated to the female fan." So ... Club Scarlet then.

• John Tortorella holds his first New York Rangers and sets some new rules. Like, for example, don't you even think about stepping on the Rangers logo in the locker room. Or he'll, like, curse or something. [AP]


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Gio Urshela hits 2-run homer, Tigers score 7 runs in 2 innings to stun Dodgers 11-9

Djokovic-Alcaraz Wimbledon final is most expensive get-in-final ticket in sports history

• Really sad story out of San Jose as two rec league players "collapsed on the ice while playing recreational hockey at Sharks Ice in San Jose and died within hours of each other on Sunday night." From Puck Buddy Marcus: "Two guys I have played with and truly loved the sport of hockey.  They deserve some national recognition." R.I.P. [Mercury News]

• The City of Glendale has been letting the Phoenix Coyotes play "virtually rent-free at Jobing.com Arena for seven months." That might be something the city council probably should know about. [AZCentral and Fanster]

Preview: Chicago Blackhawks at Nashville Predators (8 p.m. EST; TV: CSNC). The Blackhawks are 6-1-2 in their last nine visits to Nashville. Interesting take on former Hawk Bob Probert over on Third Man In, in regards to his "Heritage Night" over the weekend.

Preview: Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (7 p.m. EST; TV: ALT, SS). Paul Stastny is finally back for Colorado. So the Avs couldn't practice at Philips Arena today because the ice wasn't ready, thanks to the circus being in town recently. And yet the ice in Tampa remains playable, despite the circus having been in town since July...

• Huge congrats to our buddies Sean Gallagher, Brad Lee and the St. Louis Game Time crew for some major mainstream media love. [Suburban Journals]

• In case you missed it, The Create-a-Card Flickr Gallery is go! Thanks again to everyone who participated. [Flickr]

Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets at Calgary Flames (9 p.m. EST; TV: FSOH, FPPV). Miikka Kiprusoff is 7-0-2 at home against the Blue Jackets. Meanwhile, is Dion Phaneuf hitting bottom? From Five Hole Fanatics: "He was a complete train-wreck last game from my where I was sitting: he was the sole cause of the Oilers 5on3 PP in the third period, he lost his man on the cycle leading to Cole's goal and there was a handful of other scoring chances while he was on the ice."

Preview: Los Angeles Kings at Minnesota Wild (8 p.m. EST; TV: FSW, KSTC). Teddy Purcell is back up for the Kings, which is presenting some interesting lineup considerations. Congrats to Dustin Brown on the birth of his second little Brownie.  

• The Illinois Lottery ended up keeping that "million dollar goal" promotion for Blackhawks games. Incredibly, it almost cost them again. Meanwhile, we can't win two bucks on a scratch-off. [The Numbers Guy]

Jaromir Jagr has sorta sucked lately in the KHL. [Slap Shot]

• Former NHL referee-in-chief Bryan Lewis believes that fighting is "slowly being removed from the game." We hope he's not talking about hockey. [CP]

Chris Chelios's son has committed to Michigan State. And suddenly half of the Wings fan base is indifferent to Chris Chelios. [Snapshots]

• Finally, enjoy the comedic stylings of Green and Ovechkin:

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