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Eric Dickerson: “I Want the Old Jerseys Back!”

The Los Angeles Rams throwback jerseys appear to be more popular than their new jerseys

How about let's meet half way?

The road games can feature the duller, darker blue, but the Los Angeles Rams should only wear their iconic bright blue and yellow throwbacks at home. How does that sound? If the Rams are at the Los Angeles Coliseum, they should be wearing their Los Angeles colors. With complete respect to the franchise's often glorious years in St. Louis, the colors and jerseys for the old Los Angeles Rams simply look better.

"Of course I want the old jerseys back," former Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson tells NBCLA.com in the dripping heat of downtown Los Angeles. "I want that color back."

Few people have been as popular with the Rams returning to LA than Dickerson, and if anyone has his finger on the pulse of the flock of Rams, it would be the first-ballot Class of 1999 Hall of Fame running back.

Dickerson adds, "That color is synonymous with LA. The one they wore in St. Louis, that's St. Louis. They took that color back for a while, but they changed the color. So come back and bring our color back that we played under in LA."

The Rams wore their retro jerseys for the first home game of the season to great fanfare, and the 53-year-old seemed to welcome that initial concession. But would he welcome throwback jerseys more often this season?

"Most definitely, every week!" Dickerson says emphatically. "I think all the fans would. When you go on social media, that's the main thing the people ask about: 'Are they going to go back to their old colors?'"


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When NBC LA caught up with Dickerson, he had been signing autographs and posing for pictures at the Bud Light Fan Zone in promotion of a special edition Rams brew due out in November. Judging by his popularity ahead of Sunday's kickoff, yes, Dickerson has his ear on the heart of the "Mob Squad," which is the name adopted by the Rams' faithful.

"I love the throwbacks, I really do," Rams quarterback Case Keenum said following the team's 9-3 victory over Seattle. "Everybody in the locker rooms loves the throwbacks. Something about that blue and yellow that go together and it was cool."

Earlier in the week, Rams coach Jeff Fisher had echoed the same sentiment, so the players and coaches appear to appreciate the Los Angeles colors for the team.

If the former players and the current players seem to support the return to the bright blue and yellow, how about the fans?

In one of the most non-scientific polls of all time, I used my own eyes on Sunday and looked around a Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that supposedly packed in 91,046 people—or pretty close to it. The vast majority of fans had already adopted the throwback uniforms—even the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed wearing the throwback uniforms. More often than not, when I thought I caught a St. Louis jersey, it turned out to be a Seahawks jersey.

LA Rams fans stand side-by-side in a jersey featuring the St. Louis colors and the Los Angeles colors

Seemingly, the fans have already decided. Visually, too, the throwback jersey versus the St. Louis jersey in a side-by-side comparison simply wasn't a contest. The LA colors put the St. Louis colors to shame. The fans had spoken.

Now, the team needs to follow suit. Work it out with the NFL or take the fine, but either way, this should be an easy fix to give the players and, most imporantly, the fans what they want. In LA, the Rams should wear their Los Angeles colors.

"Being a fan is a great thing," Dickerson says. "That's what makes this sport, any sport, is the fans."

So, Rams, how about we meet half way?

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