Super Bowl LVI

LA and Cincinnati Bakeries Go Head-to-Head in a Super Bowl Sweets Showdown

Busken Bakery in Cincinnati and Torrance Bakery have a friendly wager during Super Bowl week.

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The competition isn’t limited to the field at SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl.

Bakeries in Los Angeles and Cincinnati, both with long histories in their communities, are locked in a friendly competition this week featuring team-themed treats to raise money for charities. Torrance Bakery, a family owned business serving the South Bay since 1984, will back the Rams in a matchup for the ages against Cincinnati’s Busken Bakery, which has been in business since 1928. 

Photos: Super Bowl Showdown in the Kitchen

A $2,500 wager is on the line in the form of a donation to the rival’s charity of choice. If the Rams win, Busken Bakery will make a donation supporting the Torrance YMCA Youth Institute Program. If the Bengals win, Torrance Bakery will donate to Seven Brothers Farm. 

Inside Torrance Bakery early Tuesday, employees were crafting cakes, cookies and other treats. Some with Rams logos, others featuring Bengals colors. 

“We’re an equal opportunity bakery,” said Tish Werner. “We do it for everybody. 

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t hope the Rams win. We might do a few more Rams things than Bengals, but we do them for both.” 

The YMCA Youth Institute of Media Arts Program is a year-round program that uses technology to promote youth development. Seven Brothers Farm offers team building opportunities for youths and education about running a farm.

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