You Can't Get Just Dodgers/Yankees Tickets

If you want to see the big game, you're going to have to see some other games, too.

If you want to see the Dodgers take on the hated Giants, or the Angels, or the Cardinals this season, you can get your individual game tickets in a couple of weeks.

If you want to see the Yankees, it’s going to cost you.

The Dodgers will put single-game tickets on sale March 6 but will not sell individual tickets to the Yankees series, scheduled June 25-27. The Dodgers are reserving those tickets for fans buying season seats or packages of 14, 21 or 28 games, the team announced Monday.

Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch said the team anticipates demand sufficient to sell out all three games via ticket packages. If individual tickets for any Yankees game remain available, they would be put on sale at a later date, he said.

Welcome to the modern world of ticket sales. Old timers — well, everyone really — may find this annoying, but it is the latest trend in ticket sales. Same with the announcement that the Dodgers will charge $2 or $3 more for games on Saturdays.

Why? Basic supply and demand. More people want to go to games on Saturday, and they’ll pay more to do so. At least that’s the logic.

People want to see the see the Yankees so badly, they will buy tickets to see the Astros and Padres and whatever other teams may be in those ticket packages. It may not work, but it may very well.

The Dodgers are not alone with this. Some NBA teams this year varied their ticket prices based on who the opponent was — it costs more to go see the Lakers than the Timberwolves. Again, the idea is basic supply and demand, charging more for the games where the demand is there.

It’s a break with tradition, but it fits in line with capitalism. You charge more where you can, you make a bigger profit. Complain if you want, but it is the way the pendulum is swinging.

Of course, you’d like to think that the Dodgers will plow those extra profits back into the team… but don’t bet on it.

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