Street Heavily Flooded After Water Main Breaks in Silver Lake

Flooding reported in all lanes of the street

Silver Lake residents woke up to flooded streets Wednesday morning after a water main break sent a torrent of water gushing down streets and cut off water supply to some homes, disrupting morning routines.

The pipe burst at about 2 a.m. in the 600 block of Silver Lake Boulevard between Bellevue Avenue and North Vendome Street.

Water crews from the Department of Water and Power shut off the water overnight, after another pipe ruptured underground.

Water bubbled up from the cracks in the concrete on Silver Lake Boulevard, creating mud-filled streets near the Hollywood (101) Freeway.

Alexander Rosteck was one of 20 customers affected by the break, he expected to have his water shut off till late afternoon.

"It disrupts your normal daily life a little bit," he said.

Wednesday's break was just one of many plaguing LA County's aging water system. Like many other old pipes around town, DWP said they don't fix or replace them before they crack.

"If the pipe has been in the ground for 100 years and never leaked ... why replace it, still works fine," DWP Water Utility Superintendent John Cox said.

While many residents didn't agree with that, Rosteck said it made perfect sense.

"They're all 100 years old, are they going to dig up the whole city," he said.

NBC4's Corey Arvin and Oleevia Woo contributed to this report.

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