Study Finds Drinking Water Contaminated With Lead at Public Schools

Public schools received a "C +" rating on Thursday after a study revealed that certain levels of lead in drinking water were discovered.

A grandmother told NBC4 sister station Telemundo 52 that, for years, she has worried about the quality of drinking water that all her grandchildren used to drink in public schools.

"They do not have filters. The pipe may be too old, worn very old. The water is obviously going to come out with tartar, "said Julia Poblano, a worried grandma.

The new study pointed out that California is not doing enough to protect students from the lead found in the water they drink in schools.

"While California has made some progress in the last two years, this time it received a rating of" C "+, said Ryann Lynna, organizer of the state consumer group CALPIRG and author of the study.

Ryan added that they have already seen more than 800 schools in California that resulted in 5 parts per billion lead levels that under state law that number should not exceed 15.

To remedy the situation, the CALPIRG organization's consumer rights advocates recommend that all school districts begin with the installation, filter the water sources, test each drinking tap or tap, and replace the water supply line. Drink water when necessary.

In California, a law was passed in 2017 that requires water from all public schools to be tested for lead by July 2019.

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