Meet the Apes: Sunday at the Zoo

Can you lift as much as a chimpanzee? That's just one of the fascinating questions the LA Zoo can answer at its annual Ape Awareness Day on Sunday, November 9. From 10AM-4PM, talk with animal keepers, take photos with orangutans and learn about these fascinating (and cute!) animals at various stations throughout the zoo.

One of the highlights will be a visit to Campo Gorilla Reserve. The $19 million habitat opened one year ago to provide a lush home for the zoo's beloved gorillas and help raise awareness about their plight in the world. Walk through their West African jungle surroundings and get up-close views of a family of five gorillas, including baby Glenda.

Campo Gorilla is just a piece of the zoo's impressive Great Ape Forest, which is also home to chimpanzees and orangutans. Several Plexiglas windows let you get nearly face-to-face with social-feeling orangutans. In the chimp area, you can stand for hours watching them climb up mountainous perches where they like to hang out, eat and generally show off.

You can visit the zoo any time, but Ape Awareness Day gives a rare opportunity to gain special access to the animal and zoo experts, and to learn how you can help ensure the survival of our closest relatives.

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