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Thousands Will Be Eligible for the CalFresh Program

As of June 1, 2019, thousands of people will be eligible for the CalFresh program, which aims to provide resources to buy food.

For the first time since 1974, people who receive supplemental social insurance or SSI can apply for the CalFresh program thanks to a change in the law that, according to the authorities, will allow some 500 thousand people to benefit from it.

"Most of them [eligible people] are senior citizens, disabled people who at the time, before the change of this law, could not apply for CalFresh benefits," said Carlos Portillo, spokesperson for CalFresh.

CalFresh offers those who qualify a debit card with funds to purchase food.

"Fruits, vegetables, milk for children, yogurt, everything we can buy," said María Mendoza, a family mother who receives CalFresh.

Currently in California there are more than one million people who participate in this food program.

Mrs. Mendoza commented that the program helped her a lot, especially when she did not have a stable job. "I only worked two days a week and we did not buy milk or anything."

The average monthly amount is $130 and the maximum is 192.

"It's very important because now they're not going to have to make that difficult decision and choose between paying the electricity bill or buying food," Portillo added.

To register you can go in person to one of the CalFresh offices, however, the authorities recommend using the getcalfresh.org website or calling 1-877-847-3663.

Those interested should request the program after May 20. If they do it before, they can be rejected because the law has not yet entered into force.

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