EMT Rescues Animals After Hurricane Harvey

"It lit a passion in me to go help more."

As an emergency medical technician at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Bryce Trevett has devoted his life to helping others -- whether it's in the hospital emergency room, or on a jet ski out on the ocean.

The Rancho Palos Verdes man used his unique skills as a wildlife adventurer to rescue animals stranded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"Thinking of taking my jet ski out to Houston to help in any way I can," Trevett wrote in a Facebook post back in August.

He got a huge response from people offering encouragement and supplies.

"I had the jet ski, and so my friend had a kayak," said Trevett.

They loaded everything they could carry on a truck headed for Houston.

"We just drove out there and didn't even have a plan," said Trevett.

They arrived to find houses and roads underwater.

"We were saving people. We were saving horses, goats, pigs, armadillos, snakes," Trevett said. "We were using the jet ski to get through neighborhoods."

Once the people were safe, Trevett and his friend met up with a group of cowboys who were trying to save stranded horses.

"We would, one by one, get them on the ski or boat and take them back to land," Trevett said. "We had a horse on my jet ski at one point."

They rescued everything from dogs to sheep, and even animals you might not think would be willing to get caught.

"The armadillos are good at swimming, but I think they had been swimming for days straight... they were always on these logs huddled over, like they were about to give up," Trevett said. "We'd just pick them up and they didn't even fight us."

Trevett worked for three days and nights until his truck got stuck in the water and the engine flooded. He says he won't let it slow him down.

"It was an experience. I loved it, everything about it," Trevett said. "Everyone I worked with. All the stuff we did. It lit a passion in me to go help more."

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