‘Karma Will Get Back to You': Thieves Steal Trailer, a Corona Man's Only Source of Income

"Basically that is my only source of income," the businessman said. "It helps provide food on the table for my son."

A Corona businessman is devastated after thieves drove off with his entire mobile detailing business from in front of his home. Now he's asking for the public's help finding the stolen trailer with all of his equipment.

Tobias Sims, the owner of Marquez Mobile Detailing, worries about his family's future. With Christmas around the corner, he fears he will miss out on job opportunities.

"Basically that is my only source of income," he said. "It helps provide food on the table for my son."

About 7 a.m. Wednesday, two men stole his $2,000 trailer, which is essentially to his entire business.

"I just felt like heartbroken that my life had been taken away from me," he said. "Saved a lot to get that equipment to start my own business."

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught different angles of the two thieves as they drove away with the trailer using an older model blue and gray pick-up truck.

Sims parked the trailer right next to his home and never thought someone would take it.

"It's not safe even on private property," he said.

Other family members are also furious because they know how much that detailing business means to Sims and his 5-year-old son.

"Karma will get back to you guys and it won't be good," said Sims' cousin, Obie Clark.

Sims says he didn't have insurance so he's now looking for another job. He's hoping anyone with information about this case will call Corona police.

"I do RVs, concrete cleaning," he said. "That was my life right there. They took the tools of me making my source of income just out the door."

Sims established a GoFundMe account to help pay for a new trailer.

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