13-Year-Old Girl's Brutal Beating Caught on Camera

"It was a vicious attack and it was completely unfair for her."

Three middle school girls were arrested after cellphone video captured them delivering a brutal beating to a fellow classmate in Winnetka.

The beating shows two girls repeatedly punching and kicking a 13-year-old in the face, head and back, forcing her to the ground, where they continue raining down blows. The assailants can be heard giggling as the victim lets out a cry of pain as she will herself up from the ground and walks away.

The assault happened last Wednesday after classes at Sutter Middle School had let out. The victim's mother, Cherry Borrayo, said she was shocked by the beating, which her daughter didn't initially tell her about because she felt "ashamed and embarrassed to tell her."

"[My daughter] didn't even have a chance to defend herself," Borrayo said. "It was a vicious attack and it was completely unfair for her."

The victim said she was attacked without reason and that it's not the first time the girls have attacked someone.

Borrayo said she has had to jump through multiple hoops as she seeks justice for her daughter. "The reason why I'm doing this is to show parents not to stay quiet," she said.

Los Angeles School Police Sgt. Julie Spry confirmed that the two attackers in the video, plus a third assailant, were arrested and later released to their parents.

Borrayo has filed charges against the girls and said one police officer told her they could be charged with a felony.

Her daughter, in the meantime, said she feels scared and is still trying to recover.

"I'm physically good, but emotionally I'm still thinking about it," she said.

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