Week After Citywide Raids on Politicians, Maywood Mayor Speaks Out

A week after investigators from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office raided the homes, businesses and city hall of politicians in Maywood, the city's mayor is speaking out.

Mayor Ramon Medina said he doesn't know why he was one of the politicians targeted by investigators who focus on corruption, but he says they took tax documents, campaign contribution records and checks paid to him by the city.

"I have no doubt that they have reasons for it, but I don't know what those reasons are," he said.

At the first city council meeting since the raid, contracts with companies that work in the city came up, specifically that of V&M Ironworks, a business that acts like the city's public works. One councilmember said the business made $1 million in 2017, compared with $400,000 the year prior.

V&M was also searched by investigators. Its owner would not comment for this story, saying he has not yet hired an attorney.

Now, some Maywood residents are asking for a freeze on new contracts, one resident saying, "Your poor administration is hurting our city."

They mayor, however, contends that he has not done anything wrong and denies that he has been given money to award contracts to anyone.

For its part, the district attorney's office has not revealed the motive behind the raids.

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