Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Woman Arrested in Connection With Grisly Leimert Park Triple Murder

A woman has been arrested in connection with the triple murders of an elderly couple and their son in Leimert Park, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department records.

Nancy Jackson, 55, had been sought as person of interest in the case since the three were found dead in the 3900 block of Bronson Avenue Monday night.

She is being held without bail, according to records.

Police said the bodies were found by a relative who went to check on the man who lived at the home, identified as Peter White, 62. The other two victims were identified as White's mother, 77-year-old Orsie Carter, and her husband, 82-year-old William Carter.

"Without being too vivid, it's a case where you have three bodies piled on each other in some way," LAPD Capt. Peter Whittingham said. "...It's just a sad way to spend your last days or your last breath." 

According to police, all three victims suffered blunt force trauma to the head, while White and his mother had also been shot.

Police said Wednesday they wanted to talk to a woman named Jackson, who may have been a caretaker for White, who was described as being severely disabled. Reports from the scene indicated that Jackson may have been romantically linked to White and had been living in the home.

Police only referred to her as a person of interest or possibly a material witness, not a suspect. Whittingham even initially suggested that investigators feared she might be in danger.

According to police, a neighbor called one of White's relatives Tuesday after noticing that Orsie Carter's car had been parked at the home for an unusually long time. When the relative came to the home, he spotted the bodies when he looked in a bathroom window.

White's niece, Nashun Carter, told the Los Angeles Times that White's parents lived in Baldwin Hills, and White was trying to evict a woman who lived with him.

"His father and his mother came to try to help him...get the lady out of the house, and I guess it went bad from there," Nashun Carter told The Times.

Friends told the paper White was a retired probation officer and said he had let a friend move in with him because she was down on her luck, but then she refused to leave. Friend Ralph Tilley told The Times that White's mother called him Saturday to ask about the woman, but she called again on Monday and told him the woman had agreed to move out of the home.

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