Donkey Shot in Head With Arrow Rescued

The wild burro was shot in the ear with an arrow.

What to Know

  • The wild burro was spotted wandering around Moreno Valley the weekend of July 14, with concerned residents posting photos on social media.
  • The donkey was pierced by the arrow just below its left ear.
  • The shooter was still at large.

A wild burro pierced with an arrow near Moreno Valley was undergoing veterinary care Tuesday, following a successful operation to rescue him, but the shooter remains at large.

According to Riverside County Department of Animal Services spokesman John Welsh, volunteers from Riverside-based DonkeyLand corralled the injured burro Monday evening and transported him to SoCal Equine Hospital in Norco, where he's receiving treatment for the infected puncture just below his right ear.

"The burro appeared to have some fresh blood from the area where the arrow (entered)," Welsh said. "The burro has some swelling in his jaw and neck. He also has diarrhea."

There was no immediate word on whether nonprofit DonkeyLand intended to permanently house the undomesticated donkey, release him back to the wild or make other arrangements once he recovers.

Welsh said the burro was wounded sometime over the weekend of July 14- 15, and a concerned resident posted images of the animal to social media, catching the attention of authorities.

Welsh described the attack on the burro as a "terrible act of cruelty."

He said the animal was spotted in the Reche Canyon area, in the vicinity of the Black Stallion Ranch, north of Moreno Valley, and animal control officers went to the location last Wednesday to find him.

Tranquilizer darts were used on the donkey, and an attempt to lasso him was made, but the frightened creature managed to elude rescuers after the first attempt to catch him.

The arrow was no longer protruding from the donkey when the darts were injected, but the wound was still visible, according to Welsh.

Herds of wild burros populate the Pigeon Pass and Reche Canyon areas between Moreno Valley and Colton. Riverside County Ordinance No. 934 makes it unlawful to feed, pet or otherwise draw the donkeys toward roadsides and other locations where they might be hurt -- or wander into traffic and cause accidents.

Anyone with information regarding who might have injured the donkey was asked to contact the Department of Animal Services at (951) 358-7387.

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