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Fontana School District Votes to Drastically Cut Budget

School Counselors, Librarians are Among the Many Departments Slashed in the New School Budget to Help Make up a $25 Million Shortfall



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    People Protest Cuts to Counselors and Other Cuts at Fontana Schools

    On Tuesday the Fontana School District approved drastic cuts to the school budget, including eliminating every one of the counselors in the district.

    Protestors picketed the meeting, in an attempt to keep the counselors on staff.

    District officials say they have to save a whopping $25 million for the upcoming school year.

    Dissolving the counselor program would save the district an estimated $5,494,206.

    Elimination of 26 Librarian Specialist positions will save an estimated $1,177,047

    But even with these cuts, school officials fear the future for Fontana education is bleak.

    "As we move through any more years of these kinds of budget reductions, we will never recover," according to Cali Olsen-Binks, Superintendent of the Fontana Unified School District.

    School officials say some of the cuts could be avoided if Governor Jerry Brown is successful in his plan to hold a special election in June to approve the extension of temporary hikes in taxes.

    The Fontana Board of Education also voted Tuesday night to put the issue of a Parcel Tax before voters to raise $4 million annually for the school district.