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Thanksgiving Wine List



    A suggested wine list for Thanksgiving dinner.

    $22 Domaine Olivier Pithon la coulee '07

    $25 Donkey & Goat Roussane 09 (sustainable minimal interference)

    $17 Chinon 08 Les Galuches Wilfrid Rousse

    Thanksgiving Wine

    [LA] Thanksgiving Wine
    Thanksgiving dinner is a tough one to match up with the right wines. But experts have some suggestions of what to pour at the turkey dinner.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 22, 2010)

    $15 Saint Andre de Figuiere Coites de Provence 09 Magali

    $17 Domaine de la Paliene Saumur '08 (white)

    $19 Nalle Zinfandel '08

    $39 magnum/18 small bottle Cremont D'Alsace Rose Allimat Laugner

    $16 litres of austrian burgundy v. popular!

    $16 d'alba Barbera 08

    Champagne   $72

    Mugnier 07 Chambolle-musigny $72