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NBC4 News at Noon: DIY Summer Beauty



    NBC4 News at Noon: DIY Summer Beauty
    NBC10 Philadelphia

    Alexis Wolfer of www.thebeautybean.com shares her favrite summer skin care products, and DIY alternatives using ingredients in your kitchen now.

    - Buy It: Tria Blue Light ($245 at Sephora)
    - DIY It: Raw honey
    Apply a thin layer of antibacterial raw honey to any affected areas for 15 minutes up to 3 times a day for irritation-free pimple-fighting benefits, naturally.
    Dry Skin
    - Buy It: Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 ($8 at drugstores)
    - DIY It: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    Apply to skin at night to hydrate skin by both breaking down dead skin cells with its lauric acid and also hydrating with its fats. Plus, it’s antibacterial and anti-microbial so it won’t make you break out and is great for sunburned skin.
    Aging Skin
    - Buy It: Glow by Dr. Brandt ruby crystal retinol hydracrème ($55-65 at Sephora)
    - DIY IT: Mashed Sweet Potato Puree
    Apply a thin layer to skin, avoiding eye area and let sit for 15 minutes. The vitamin A in the sweet potato is the same vitamin A used in retinols.
    Sun Protection
    -Buy it: Heliocare Vitamins ($30 for 60 day supply at retailers nationwide)
    -DIY It: Berries and Tomatoeso
    With lycopene in tomatoes and antioxidants in berries, boost your body’s internal SPF with your diet by snacking on these.
    -Buy It: Vichy Celludestock ($39.50) and Vichy Destock Stomach ($37.50) at CVS and Walgreens
    -DIY It: Coffee + Oilo.  Mix equal parts caffeinated coffee grounds and olive oil and massage in circular motions on dry, clean skin.
    Coffee helps boost circulation while oil moisturizes for plumped, dimple-free skin
    Temporary fix