Center for Health Care Rights

The Center for Health Care Rights (CHCR), is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assuring consumer access to quality health care through information, counseling, education and advocacy. CHCR is the HICAP for Los Angeles County. HICAP is a program of the California Department of Aging that provides free Medicare information and counseling to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. HICAP receives state and federal funding through the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Area Agencies on Aging.

HICAP Volunteer Counselors meet in-person with Medicare beneficiaries to help them understand their Medicare, Medicare Part D, and private insurance options. They also assist those with Medicare access financial assistance programs that can help with their medical expenses. HICAP Volunteer counselors help Medicare beneficiaries make informed health insurance choices.  To volunteer, click here.

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