• NewsConference Sep 15

    NewsConference: Assembly Speaker: What to do on Fire Prone Areas

    If you live in California, there is no doubt you saw the impact of the wildfires…the bad air, red skies, the burnt smell. What to do about hundreds of thousands of homes that are built and re-built in fire prone areas? And are we doing enough to manage our forests? California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) talks...

  • NewsConference Sep 15

    NewsConference: California Proposition 22

    Proposition 22 is one of the twelve propositions Californians will vote on this November. Prop 22 would, if passed, exempt rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft and delivery companies such as Doordash from being required to hire their drivers and no longer use them as independent contractors. It is the result of AB5...

  • news conference Sep 15

    NewsConference: Homicides up, Police Pullback?

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks award winning investigative journalist Alec MacGillis of PROPUBLICA on his piece “How to stop a police pullback”. They talk about how his investigation revealed that when police are forced to reform there seems to be a pullback. What exactly does that mean? When does it happen? How can it be prevented?

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