400+ Historic Local Gems: The Big Map

The LA Conservancy's new site has launched with a very special extra.

If you had to compile a "Greatest Hits" of famous historic spots around Southern California, what would be the first building or location you'd name?

We'll wager that many an Angeleno might land on City Hall or the Chinese Theatre or Santa Monica Pier or the Gamble House as their top pick, but the choice wouldn't come without some hemming and hawing. That's because we live in a region flush with storied properties and places, a fact that challenges the notion that LA is eternally in love with the new and disregards the no-longer-shiny.

Los Angeles Conservancy has something to say about that. Make that over 400 things to say, rather; the preservation-supporting organization just debuted its new web site and with it? A handy map of over 400 local historic gems.

So, yes, the greatest hits'll be listed, but so might be that huge and weird Victorian that's just down the street from your dentist office. With over 400 listings, a lot of different locales get the love.

A few favorites? The Norwalk Civic Center, Panorama Bank in Panorama City, and Reynolds Buick of West Covina.

You can search by architectural style, architect, decade, and several other tags. So you only want to see the area's Craftsman buildings? Okeydoke. Easy-peasy.

Call it a bucket list of sorts for the past-loving SoCaler. Can you visit all 400+ brick-and-mortar wonders over your lifetime? Probably. Can you handle the fact that the LA Conservancy will continue adding to this map? You probably should, since they will.

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