626 Golden Streets to Roll Again This May

The closed-to-cars, open-to-people happening stretches across a sizable portion of the San Gabriel Valley.

Active SGV

What to Know

  • Cycle, jog, or walk "Mission to Mission" in the San Gabriel Valley on Sunday, May 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Free, presented by Metro
  • Five miles of closed-to-cars streets, from San Gabriel, through Alhambra, to South Pasadena (or the other way, or part way, if you like)

Most events, on the whole, have a set of guidelines for guests, meaning that those who take part must start at Point A, then proceed to Point B, and conclude at the same point as basically everyone else, before departing.

But an "open streets" happening?

There are rules to help it all flow, of course, and a busy team overseeing the in-the-sun fun, but you get to decide where you begin, when you start, and how you complete your visit to the convivial confluence of community, fresh air, and exercise.

It's a sweet feeling, made sweeter when you get to roam around five miles of the western San Gabriel Valley.

You'll be going "Mission to Mission," which means you can begin your adventure on Mission Street in South Pasadena and end at Mission San Gabriel, or, if you like, cycle from Mission San Gabriel up to South Pasadena.

All while moving through Alhambra, with the opportunity to check out its awesome shops and tasty-to-try delights.

That "Mission to Mission" adventure returns on Sunday, May 1, 2022, when 626 Golden Streets, a closed-to-cars event helmed by Active San Gabriel Valley and presented by Metro, flowers along the multi-mile route.

The announcement was made earlier in February, giving people time to polish those bikes, buy glittery new handlebar streamers, or invest in a great pair of walking sneaks.

"There is no 'right' way to experience Golden Streets. No finish line. Participants may join and depart the event route anywhere they wish," posted Active SGV.

"We only ask that you be considerate and courteous of others along the way, enjoy the event at your own pace, and check out the many local businesses, organizations, community groups and more who will be found across the route."


Also nice? The beloved 626 Golden Streets mascot, Gabe the Sasquatch, will be back to add a furry and festive element to the gathering.

He has been seen around South Pasadena Station at past happenings, but you never know when you'll see this mythical character out and about, posing for pictures and delivering smiles.

Permitted vehicles run the gamut, and do include old-fashioned "penny farthings," if you're so inclined, as well as more modern bicycles.

Best read all here, and think about how you'll arrive (the aforementioned Metro station in South Pasadena is the oh-so-handy western terminus of the event), if you'll need to a new or loaner bike, and other considerations.

But you won't need to consider a ticket, pass, or admission: It's free and open to everyone, and, again, you can show up wherever you like along the route, all to soak in the beams, the scene, and the chance to reconnect with community after all this time away.

Oh yes, and the opportunity to meet Gabe? Too good.

Celebrations don't get more sasquatchian 'round Southern California, one more reason to be thankful for 626 Golden Streets.

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