A Free ‘Night of Ideas' to Fully Fill a Mondo Museum

Celebrate a "cross-cultural exchange of ideas" at this vibrant event, which will leap into the Natural History Museum, as well as 150 cities around the world.

Jessica Fichot Quartet

What to Know

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
  • Jan. 31 from 5:30 to 11 p.m.
  • Free (tickets available at the door)

Reaching across the miles, the oceans, and the far expanses of the globe, all to connect with other people in a respectful, open-of-heart, curious-of-mind manner?

People found ways to do so long before the World Wide Web webbed-up our worlds.

And while sending pen pal letters or emails or meeting in chat spaces has provided us some "face-to-face" time in recent years, nothing beats face-to-face time with actual faces.

Enter the "Night of Ideas," an understand-each-other event that pops up in places around the planet.

Dozens of cities will play a part in 2020 — 150 in all — with 65 countries represented.

In Southern California, you'll want to head for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to join the free idea-driven extravaganza, and, of course, to also enjoy the bounty of cultural offerings that are now synonymous with this country-spanning spectacular.

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The 2020 theme? Call it pure exhilaration: "Being Alive" will be the mindful, you-are-here focus.

The museum is the co-presenter of the Jan. 31, 2020 to-do, as is the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles.

On the docket?

A bounty of brain-tantalizing, spirit-lifting goings-on, including Moonlight Meditation, DJs delivering the good tunes, a performance by the Heidi Duckler Dance Company, live music from the Jessica Fichot Quartet, "mini" lectures, speed dating, and other zazzy, fun, and beyond-the-everyday doings.

You can't visit 150 cities over the course of a single evening, but you can, in a sense, find a thread to each location, and person in those locations, a connecting cord that that celebrates our similarities, our dreams, our hopes, and, indeed, our shared ideas.

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