A ‘Friends'-Themed Brunch Will Pivot! Pivot! Into LA

"Friends" trivia, a costume contest, and more super-fan fun will fill the pop-up party.

Ronnie Kaufman

What to Know

  • May 17, 2020
  • 21+
  • Pre-register for ticket announcements and on-sale dates now; location to be announced

Brunch is considered to be the most relaxed of all meals, which means a group of pals usually is gifted with some extra minutes, or even an additional half hour or hour, to chew the news.

But what if you could spend an entire lazily paced brunch quoting all of your favorite "Friends" episodes?

Would you be able to fill two hours? Or, given your knowledge of the NBC phenom sitcom, would brunch need to be about three weeks long?

Whatever quotes you bring to the table, from "meat sweats" to "pivot!" to "we were on a break," best start practicing now, for a full-on, two-hour-long "Friends" brunch will pour the coffee, and lots of it, in May 2020.

Though you may need to save your quoting talents for before the meal, and after, too. For "Friends" episodes will screen while you chow down, and they'll be some of the biggies, too.

There shall be more afoot, er, aFriends at the festive happening, which will be helped by brunch specialists The Brunch Club. "Friends" trivia, "Friends" charades, and a costume contest, too, will keep fans Smelly-Cat-ing throughout the celebration.

We know that you know that we know what we mean by that. Or something.

Tickets? They're SO not on sale yet, but you can pre-register now, which is something that Monica would do, and you're totally a Monica, is what we're sensing.

The age to attend? It's a 21+ to-do, so put that in your over-sized mug and sip it.

Nope, "The One Where They All Went to Brunch" is not a brunch event helmed by Warner Bros., the studio behind the series. It's a foodie fan ode, one that will include many of the TV-seen touchstones that followers of the famous friends have memorized over the years.

And if you couldn't BE anymore excited for the unscripted reunion special that was just announced on Feb. 22, best pre-register for those upcoming ticket announcements faster than it takes to jump into a city fountain and dance.

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