This Week: Celebrate Mardi Gras

Find your beads, live tunes, and gumbo on Fat Tuesday.

Daniel Grill

Mardi Gras: Clapping your hands to some hot accordion, dipping a spoon into a bowl of jambalaya, and wearing a dozen strings of shiny beads? These will be the good goals of many revelers on Tuesday, Feb. 25. You can find the NOLA-style sights at the Original Farmers Market on Fat Tuesday, while Preux & Proper in DTLA will have the Sazeracs and Fresh Louisiana Crawfish on the evening of Feb. 25. And at Hot N Juicy Crawfish in West Hollywood? Oh yes: It's the World-Famous Crawfish Eating Contest.

NHL Black Hockey History Tour: A skilled hockey athlete is often on the move, across the ice, following the puck, whooshing through space. So, too, is this artifact-packed truck, which is on the road and visiting some of our country's biggest hockey-cool hubs, all to honor Black History Month. You can find the truck, which was co-curated by Kwame Mason, director of "Soul on Ice," at Honda Center on Feb. 25 and Staples Center on Feb. 26. Details? Right here.

Dine Out Long Beach: We're soon to jump forward thanks to Daylight Saving Time, which means that we'll be eating at restaurants later, occupying patios not far from the beach, and reveling in longer days. There is a way, right now, to act like those days are here, and to find deals, too, for a big-big Restaurant Week is popping up all over Long Beach. You can go for lunch, while the sun is high, and pay $15-and-up for a two-courser, or make a fancier/longer dinner of it. Just make sure to score your prix fixe discount through Feb. 29, when Dine Out Long Beach 2020 wraps.

"Knives Out" in Hollywood: Cinephiles are a nicely spoiled lot here in Southern California, meaning that we sometimes get to see a director call upon a theater to talk about the film we're excited to watch. Rian Johnson will do just that for his who-dun-it-y bon bon of a flick, and there's an additional treat in store for the Feb. 24 screening: It's the world premiere of the 35mm print. The place to go? No need to roam the hallways, nooks, and crannies of some spooky old manor; it's all happening at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Meet Millie: Shaking an otter's paw? We'd never ask the playful critter to stop and paws, er, pause, for we know that the animal wants to eat something urchin-y and dive into the water and do all of the things an otter loves to do. But we can stop by the Aquarium of the Pacific and wave at Millie, the newest member of the otter-playful habitat at the Long Beach-based institution, starting on Feb. 27. The four-year-old cutie was rescued from the Central Coast, and will now make her home among the other Southern sea otters in the water-splashy, toy-rich habitat.

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