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A ‘Mermaid Academy' Makes a Splash in Santa Monica

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is offering pool-based sessions for "merkids," which include loaner mermaid tails.


What to Know

  • Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
  • The 45-minute class happens Saturdays at 10 a.m. through Sept. 3; open to hotel guests and non-guests, ages 6 and older ("merkids" should be accompanied by an 18+ adult)
  • $45.35; reservations required

March may seem like the mermaid-iest of months around Southern California, thanks to the flipper-fun fact that Ventura Harbor Village celebrates the sea-based superstars as spring begins.

But summer is also a time made for myth-tasic merpeople to shine, thanks to the notion that sun-warmed rocks, the kind close to the shore, may be prime places for these ocean icons to perch.

And if mermaids aren't finding a bit of shore made for sunning, they're likely looking for a swimming pool, one that is located pretty close to the beach.

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel isn't too far from the Pacific Ocean; the "beach" part of the hotel's name is pretty clear about its lovely location.

And to treat aspiring mermaids looking for a fun 45-minute session in the sunshine? The destination is offering a Mermaid Academy every Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.

The academy is open to guests of the hotel as well as non-guests, but every mermaid should secure their reservation in advance, as spots are limited at each class.

If your "merkid" wants to join, they need to be age 6 or older, and should be accompanied by an adult.

Does your little mermaid need a tail to borrow, because yours is at the dry cleaners? Or perhaps, since we're talking mermaids, the "damp" cleaners is more apt?

The hotel has loaner tails for youths, as well as pool towels, too, for all students attending Mermaid Academy. (Adults are welcome to sign up for the sessions sans a tail, which have been created for younger guests.)

A sweet twist to this splashy school session? There will be "hidden pool treasures" to keep a watch for, and a "magic mermaid" at the lively lead.

For more details on this beach-close blast, point your flipper at the hotel's events page now for all of the flipper-fun 411.

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