Christmas in July: Irvine Park Railroad's Flash Sale Gets Festive

Buy a book of discounted tickets and you'll be entered into a Christmas Train-themed giveaway.

Irvine Park Railroad

What to Know

  • The Orange-based attraction announced the flash sale on July 13
  • Buy $15 tickets, valued at $90 total, for $60
  • You'll be entered in a Christmas Train ticket giveaway (5 tickets)

We haven't pulled the box of ornaments down from the closet shelf just yet, and the string of bright lights? That's still in its container, possibly a bit tangly, but we don't need to hang decorations before December.

In short? We've gone full summer, in all the relaxing ways, and we're firmly keeping the holiday season right where it normally occurs, at the close of the year.

And yet?

"Christmas in July," as a vibe, an idea, and even a temporary calling, is a real thing, from pop-up screenings (you can likely find "Elf" showing on some hot summer night) to warm 'n fuzzy romances adding joy to our July television viewing.

So put on your lucky Santa hat, and turn your train-loving focus to Orange, the longtime home to the oh-so-beloved Irvine Park Railroad.

For the adorable, family-sweet attraction is holding a flash sale, one that started on the morning of July 13, and while it isn't specifically about the sparkliest season, the Christmas Train is involved.

Surely you know this famous, and famously cheerful choo-choo, if you have tots that adore local train rides: Bookings for this limited-time event fill up faster than a reindeer flies, each and every year.

It isn't yet time to buy 2022 tickets to this ho-ho-happening, but if you do snag tickets for the regular train during the mid-July flash sale, you'll be entered in a Christmas Train-themed giveaway.

And the prize?

Five festive tickets to this uplifting end-of-the-year attraction.

As for the sale and what it is offering? Ho, ho, yes: It's good. You can buy 15 tickets, usually priced at $90, for $60.

Winners will be revealed on July 18 — a trio of them, in fact, which is sweet, and the fact that the announcement will arrive on a Monday is also rather nice — so buy your book of 15 tickets soon.

Oh yes: And for every book you buy, you'll score a new giveaway entry.

What are those jingle bells in the distance?

It's the Christmas Train, at Irvine Park Railroad, toot-tooting our way. Purchase your regular train tickets now, at a discount, and be entered in this "Christmas in July" drawing, a sweet summer event with Christmassy cred.

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